Photo: MTI

Hungary plans another shipment of humanitarian aid

Hungary will soon make another shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, this time sending medical equipment, government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkiralyi said in a video message posted on Facebook on Saturday.
20. March 2022 12:07

Szentkiralyi said the shipment would include clamps, scissors, instrument trays, infusion sets, bandages, surgical gloves and medicines. The medical supplies are already being collected from state stockpiles and will be shipped in days, she added.

Szentkiralyi noted that Hungary has already delivered 200 ventilators, 250 patient monitors, 25 central monitors, 100 infusion pumps and blood bags to Ukraine since the outbreak of the war.

“The government is firm on its stand that Hungary must stay out of the war in Ukraine, but it remains ready to offer humanitarian aid,” she said.

She added that the government is ensuring healthcare for all refugees from Ukraine, while those who decide to stay in the country for a longer period are eligible for the same level of care as Hungarian citizens.

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