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Hungarians reject financing Ukraine further

Two-thirds of Hungarians reject financing Ukraine further until Hungary receives the EU funds owed to it, according to a survey by the Nezopont Institute published on Friday.
24. November 2023 17:00

Moreover, three-quarters reject handing over an additional 20 billion euros for weapons.

The survey of 1,000 adults from Nov 20 to 22 was conducted in connection with the latest National Consultation government survey.

Nezopont noted that Brussels intended to hand over an additional 50 billion euros to Ukraine but the government refuses to assent until Hungary receives its EU funds.

And instead of extending 20 billion euros for weapons, the government would back initiatives promoting a ceasefire, the think-tank noted.

Fully 69 percent of respondents were against giving Ukraine additional financial support until Hungary’s EU funds are unfrozen, while 74 percent rejected the 20 billion euros for weapons.

Fully 95 percent of pro-government voters agreed with the government’s pro-peace stance while this was also true of 48 percent of leftist opposition voters.

Mi Hazank voters were not keen on buying weapons for Ukraine, with 89 percent opposing this.

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