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Hungarian, Greek, Slovenian ombudsmen visit Hungary-Ukraine border

The Hungarian, Greek and Slovenian ombdsmen on Thursday visited the Ukrainian-Hungarian border and were briefed of the current circumstances and the measures taken to help Ukrainian refugees, the Hungarian ombudsman's office said.
17. March 2022 18:16

Akos Kozma of Hungary, Andreas Pottakis of Greece and Peter Svetina of Slovenia visited the border crossing at Zahony-Cap (Csap) and an aid point in Beregsurany where Kozma also inaugurated a temporary office of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights in Hungary, the statement said.

Kozma said office employees had been working on the border since the Ukraine-Russia war broke out three weeks ago. They provide legal aid and help in procuring documents to refugees arriving through Zahony, he said. Many requested information on travel documents or employment in Hungary, he said.

Since the war started, over 438,000 refugees arrived in Hungary from Ukraine, he said.

Pottakis, who also heads the European office of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI), praised the Hungarian office’s efforts for refugees. The IOI will support Hungary further, and Greece is also offering legal, financial and humanitarian support, he said.

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