Photo: MTI

Hungarian Atlantic Council calls on Russia to end bloodshed

The Hungarian Atlantic Council (MAT) has called on the Russian government to "immediately end the bloodshed" in Ukraine and engage in talks with Ukrainian representatives under peaceful circumstances.
6. March 2022 16:19

In a statement, the board of the MAT condemned the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine to a war, calling it a step in serious breach of international law which threatened the security of the transatlantic space. The MAT said it viewed the fate of the refugees coming out of Ukraine with concern, adding that it would provide them all the help it could.

The transatlantic community must use all peaceful means possible to compel the aggressor to return to the use of diplomacy and civilised talks, the MAT said. It added that Kyiv should be encouraged to guarantee the collective rights of the millions in the country belonging to national minorities in line with European practices, including the unrestricted use of their mother tongue in all areas of life.

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