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Humanitarian council: Hungary received largest number of refugees per capita

Hungary has received the highest number of refugees per capita from Ukraine, with 530,587 people arriving in the country so far, the government spokesperson said after a meeting of the humanitarian council on Monday.
28. March 2022 16:46

Alexandra Szentkiralyi told a press conference that the number of asylum requests was growing daily, with 7,947 requests submitted in a little over one month.

She praised the cooperation between the Hungarian government, aid organisations, civilians and local councils, adding that they reacted to the humanitarian crisis from the very beginning.

The state secretary in charge of church and ethnic relations, Miklos Soltesz, said that Hungary’s position was clearly to not supply and not to allow the transport of weapons and soldiers over the border.

He added that Hungarian citizens had so far donated over 800 million forints (EUR 2.2m) under the aid scheme dubbed Bridge for Transcarpathia.

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