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Hollik: Hungary against starting EU accession talks with Ukraine

Hungary opposes the European Commission's proposal to start accession talks with Ukraine, the communications director of ruling Fidesz said in a video statement on Sunday.
13. November 2023 5:40

“Even starting accession talks with Ukraine, a country at war, would be unacceptable as it would present a security risk for the whole of Europe,” Istvan Hollik said. “In addition, the accession of Ukraine would put such a huge financial burden on the EU that its ailing economy could not bear.”

Hungary’s ruling parties suggest that the country should continue to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but they oppose the start of accession talks, he said.

Hollik slammed the leftist opposition for supporting Ukraine’s accession bid, adding that they “are promoting the position that Brussels expects them to promote”. He said this would result in “serious political debates, though Hungarian voters will make the decision [by responding to] the National Consultation survey,” he added, encouraging the public to participate. “Don’t let Brussels make decisions for us over issues of paramount importance,” he said.

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