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Hidveghi: Time for EU to make funding available for Hungary, Poland

The time has come for the EU to make funding available that Hungary and Poland are entitled to in light of the dangerous situation connected with the war in Ukraine, Balazs Hidveghi, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said in Brussels on Wednesday.
23. March 2022 21:12

“The series of attacks and threats to withhold EU funding … was unacceptable before Russia’s war against Ukraine,” Hidveghi told Hungarian journalists, adding that such attacks in the meantime were “scandalous”.

People arriving in EU territory with the largest ever refugee wave from Ukraine are being received and assisted in central European countries, he said. “In this situation, it is particularly important that the EU should demonstrate its political maturity,” Hidveghi said, adding that “it is unity that is needed this time”.

Countries that receive refugees must be helped, he said, adding that “it is important that we help bring about peace with every effort”.

Hidveghi emphasised the need to resolve the conflict through talks and to reach a ceasefire and a peace agreement as soon as possible. “Any steps or statements that would lead to an escalation of the conflict of war must be avoided,” the Fidesz MEP said.

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