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Hidveghi: Mass migration poses life-threatening danger to European people

Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi said that mass migration poses a life-threating danger to European people, and called for immediately terminating talks in Brussels on the EU's new migration pact and starting new talks on a whole new basis, on Tuesday.
17. October 2023 18:14

The situation created by migration in Europe cannot be tolerated any more, he said. Migration must not be supported but stopped, border protection must be reinstalled and the security of Europeans must be guaranteed, Hidveghi added.

He said that the recent “slaughtering of two people by an immigrant with a Kalashnikov” in Brussels and the stabbing of a teacher by an illegal migrant in a school in front of other teachers and students in France begged the question “how many more innocent Europeans will have to die to make the immigration-fanatics in Brussels stop pushing migration?”.

“It is now clear that illegal immigration poses a life-threating danger to ordinary law-abiding European citizens and endangers public security and the European lifestyle to a degree unseen before,” the MEP said.

“This must be stopped! Instead of expressing regret in the aftermath of the deadly acts and laying flowers, concrete steps must be taken to protect the life and everyday security of European people,” Hidveghi said.

Christian Democrat MP: Government stance on migration vindicated by Brussels shooting

Reality has once again vindicated the Hungarian government “and delivered a stinging slap in the face to Western politicians who want to shut their eyes and decide whom we should live together with from their well-protected offices in Brussels”, a lawmaker of the co-ruling Christian Democrats has said, referring to a deadly shooting in Brussels on Monday.

In a statement, Istvan Simicsko, the party’s parliamentary group leader, cited reports of a suspected Tunisian gunman who killed two Swedish nationals in the Belgian capital.

“This time, two people fell victim to the terror fuelled by extremist religious hate,” Simicsko said, adding that families had lost their loved ones, and friends and communities were now mourning. It was with “this horrible act” that the terrorist “expressed his devotion to the Islamic State terrorist group,” he said.

Hungary resists migration pressure and has taken physical and legal steps to protect Christian Europe, the lawmaker said.

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