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Hidveghi: Brussels ‘pushing LGBTIQ+ madness to point of absurdity’

Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi on Thursday posted a video on social media slamming the European Parliament for adopting "a most extreme and absurd document concerning LGBTIQ+ ideology", insisting that the resolution would require "gender ideology" in all areas, from humanitarian aid in Africa to agricultural affairs.
9. February 2024 6:21

He said the “EU elite” was “totally divorced from reality”, and “change is needed in Brussels”.

The resolution, he said, stated that LGBTIQ+ rights should get priority treatment in all European Union policies, and this applied to “everything from industrial and agricultural policy to space research”.

Also, the EU wanted the ensure that LGBTIQ+ rights were properly enforced in a given place before granting humanitarian aid, the Fidesz MEP said.

Hidveghi said the situation would be “laughable were it not such a serious matter”.

EU member states, meanwhile, would be stripped of their right to decide on issues connected with family values, how children are raised and child protection, he said.

“Brussels must return to the world of common sense and normalcy…” he added.

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