Illustration - Photo: Baptist Aid Facebook

HIA sends container baths to earthquake victims

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) has sent 9 containers with washing facilities and lavatories to Iskenderun, in southwest Turkiye, to a refuge for victims of the earthquakes in the region in February this year which killed nearly 60,000 in Turkiye and Syria.
6. July 2023 16:07

Five months after the disaster, some 1.6 million people live in tent cities without sanitation in Turkiye, HIA said. The organisation is also providing psychologists and animators for group activities to improve the psycho-social status of the displaced people, who are expected to be forced to live in temporary housing for years, the statement said.

HIA has been present at the site since the 7.8 earthquake hit on February 6, the statement said.

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