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Gyori: ‘EP left-liberal majority once again let down European farmers’

Eniko Gyori, an MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, said on Tuesday that the European Parliament's decision to extend trade liberalisation measures for Ukraine showed that the left-liberal majority once again let down European farmers.
24. April 2024 5:57

After a vote by the EP plenary extending the suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural products for another year until 5 June 2025, Gyori said in a statement that change was needed in Brussels.

“Farmers have been asking for help in vain, the EP’s left-liberal majority has again evidenced that Ukraine was more important to them than the livelihood of European farmers,” she said.

“They have voted for supporting the oligarchs of a non EU member state,” she added.

“We, the MEPs of Fidesz-Christian Democrats said no to the EP proposal. We do not support any agreement that goes against the interests of Hungarian and European farmers,” said Gyori.

As long as Ukrainian grain, including wheat, is pouring into the EU without any quantitative restrictions, the regulation cannot be supported, she said.

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