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Gulyas: Former Soviet countries closer to European values

Countries that "used to suffer from Soviet rule" are "much more insistent on traditional European values" than others, the head of the Prime Minister's Office said at a festival organised by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, in Esztergom, north of Budapest, on Saturday.
30. July 2023 5:47

Gergely Gulyas said back in the 1990s “Western Europe felt responsible for shaping the Iron Curtain and thought it was its moral obligation to allow countries join the European community … Brussels, however, did not have or only had a very primitive idea about a common future with new entrants … they only sought new markets and preserving their political influence”. He added that earlier members of the EU had one answer to ideological disputes: to concentrate as much power in Brussels as possible”.

Concerning the EU’s further enlargement, Gulyas said the community should have “room for every European country” but added that accession should be tied to “objective criteria applying to all”. He called for solidarity with Ukraine, but added that “even with citing the war as an excuse, no exemption must be made with regard to fundamental principles of accession”.

Gulyas also added it was in Hungary’s interests that those countries should also join the community that are “much closer to us than founding members of the EU in terms of ideological issues crucial for society’s order”.

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