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Government to continue ‘peace mission’, minister says

Hungary's government will continue its peace mission "despite the attacks of pro-war European politicians", the foreign minister said on Facebook on Sunday, at the end of the first week of the Hungarian presidency of the European Union.
8. July 2024 6:49

“It must have become apparent to everyone that the next six months will be a peace mission,” Peter Szijjarto said.

Hungary will do everything in its power to contribute to the end of the war and to broker peace, “after two and a half years of suffocating war crisis.”

The past week had also shown why the crisis was deepening in Europe, Szijjarto said. “Europe is full of pro-war politicians who have all surfaced this week, criticising the Hungarian government and prime minister for working for peace.”

Those politicians “have deepened the crisis with weapon deliveries, with [voicing] phantasies on sending land troops and about nuclear weapons,” he said.

“These attacks do not intimidate or discourage us, the peace mission will continue and even strengthen, and so I would like to ask pro-war politicians to buckle their seatbelts and pay attention next week too,” Szijjarto said.

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