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Simplified procedure introduced for Ukraine refugees with incomplete documents

Government spokeswoman: 178,894 refugees arrive in Hungary by Tuesday

By Tuesday morning, 178,894 people entered Hungary at one of the five border crossings with Ukraine, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkiralyi told a press conference after a meeting of the Mational Humanitarian Council tasked with assessing the humanitarian situation inconnection with the war in Ukraine.
8. March 2022 17:30

So far, the Hungarian disaster management authority has provided accomodation to 3,252 people, 1,780 children among them, Szentkiralyi said.

Council head Milkos Soltesz, who also serves as the state secretary for church and minority relations, said charity organisations have helped 81,600 people in Hungarian localities near the border, and at railway stations. Hungarian cooperation to help those fleeing from war is “exemplary”, he said.

Szentkiralyi, visiting a logistics hub of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service earlier on Tuesday in Budapest, said the government was doing all it could to protect the Hungarian people.

She praised cross-border cooperation to help refugees from Ukraine involving the police, disaster relief and aid workers, local governments, government agencies, as well as volunteers.

On top of support of 3 billion forints handed to six charities, the government is providing 1.35 billion in support of the Transcarpathian region as part of the Hungary Helps programme helping local communities and people who are internally displaced.

Azbej Tristan, the state secretary of the prime minister’s office responsible for helping persecuted Christians and implementing the Hungary Helps programme, reiterated that Hungary, as the first safe country, is receiving refugees from Ukraine, though it was also helping families who wanted to stay in their homeland, too.

He noted that Hungary is undertaking the biggest humanitarian aid programme in its history, and he thanked the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organisation, the Reformed Charity Service, the Baptist Charity Service, the Catholic Charity and the Greek Catholic Diocese of Munkacs for helping Transcarpathians.

Simplified procedure introduced for Ukraine refugees with incomplete documents

A simplified procedure has been introduced for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Hungary with incomplete or missing documents, the Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County police headquarters said on Tuesday.

Starting from March 6, Ukrainian refugees, even if they have incomplete or missing documents, are not required to check in to temporary refugee reception centres, the statement said.

Police issue temporary permits to all refugees at border crossings with Ukraine which entitle them to 30 days’ stay in Hungary. In possession of such documents they may continue their journey to their destination in Hungary, it added.

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