Government sends email to public concerning standpoint on NATO plans

The government has sent out an email concerning its standpoint on NATO plans in Ukraine to members of the public who had already provided their contact details.
10. May 2024 17:01

There is no possibility of a settlement on the battlefield and a return to negotiations is therefore needed, the Government Information Centre (KTK) said on Friday in connection with reports of a NATO plan to set up a mission in Ukraine encompassing military training and the coordination of arms shipments.

The email said NATO wanted to “pump” 100 billion dollars into the war over a period of five years, “so it’s likely that the conflict will be prolonged by at least five years”.

“What we see is the worst-case scenario that could lead to a world war,” the statement said, adding that Hungary was under huge pressure to back plans broadening the war.

It said the government’s position was clear: “We want to stay out of the war. We do not want to take part in the NATO mission.”

The statement added that the government would do everything to ensure that Hungary “does not send weapons and soldiers”.

“Lives can be saved only with a ceasefire and through peace,” it added.

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