Illustration - Photo: Bundesarchiv

Government official: Holocaust must never be repeated

The Holocaust was the world's and Hungarian society's greatest tragedy which must never be allowed to happen again, a defence ministry state secretary said at the international March of the Living commemoration at the former Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland, on Monday.
6. May 2024 18:37

The Hungarian delegation led by Tamas Vargha also held a commemoration of their own in front of building I.18, the site of an exhibition dedicated to Hungarian victims.

“We pay tribute to the Jewish people who were persecuted and murdered because of their origin and religion during the second world war,” Vargha said. “We pay tribute to our six million Jewish fellow human beings, our 600,000 compatriots and 2,000 Jews from Szekesfehervar who were deported.”

“We must never allow those events to be repeated,” the state secretary said. He said the Holocaust had been the greatest tragedy of not just Hungarian Jews, but all of Hungarian society and the entire world.

The foreign delegations will walk the 3km distance between the Auschwitz I. and Auschwitz-Birkenau lagers in the afternoon.

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