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Government official criticises EP’s war anniversary ‘resolution of escalation’

A recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament marking one year since the start of the war in Ukraine is a "resolution of escalation", a state secretary of the cabinet office said on Friday.
18. February 2023 6:00

In a video on Facebook, Csaba Domotor said that “if it was up to the EP, it would drag us [Hungary] into the war”, calling the resolution “serious”.

He noted the 18th point of the resolution which calls on European Union member states “to supply Ukraine with Western fighter jets, helicopters and appropriate missile systems and to substantially increasing munitions deliveries”. Domotor said Brussels also urges member states as well as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada “to swiftly deliver on their pledge to provide Ukraine with modern battle tanks”.

The resolution’s section on further economic sanctions is “nothing easier”, Domotor said, noting that point 19 calls for “substantially broadening the scope of the sanctions, in particular those on the economy and the energy sector by prohibiting imports of Russian fossil fuels and uranium”.

“There is not a tiny little sentence about who is supposed to bear the burdens of soaring prices and the inflation triggered by the sanctions, because they know well the answer: the European people,” said Domotor.

He said “there are many people who today feel like they are living in 1914”, adding that “we know well what it is like when Europe becomes a battlefield”. “We do not want that again.”

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