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Foreign ministry official responds to Slovak reactions to Szijjarto remarks

Tamas Menczer, the foreign ministry's state secretary for bilateral relations, responded on Sunday to Slovak reactions to recent remarks by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.
14. August 2023 7:19

Menczer said on Facebook that that there was “something fishy” about “the great outcry” that Szijjarto’s remarks caused in Slovakia.

Szijjarto said on Saturday that politicians who openly opposed the international liberal mainstream and stood up for their national interests had become targets of a worldwide witch-hunt, noting that in Slovakia, a senior politician of the party with the best chances going into the autumn parliamentary election had been arrested.

“Suddenly, even those on the Slovakian side who otherwise would gladly weigh in on the internal affairs of other countries, such as Hungary’s, have become sensitive to internal affairs, too,” Menczer said.

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