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Foreign minister condemns efforts aimed at blocking Trump from presidential race

In light of recent attempts to block former President Donald Trump from running in next year's presidential elections in the United States, the government will not accept any criticism from the US on the state of democracy in Hungary, the foreign minister said on Thursday.
7. September 2023 18:11

Answering a question at a press conference held after meeting his North Macedonian counterpart, Peter Szijjarto said that “we do not want to hear remarks anymore from the Americans on how democracy is in Hungary, how institutions work and what the situation with the state of the rule of law is”.

He said Hungary would not accept any criticism over its political system from a country where a candidate who has the most chance might be disqualified from the presidential race. Szijjarto said the exclusion of Donald Trump “would be very bad news also because he is the one to trust when it comes to creating peace”. He insisted that the former US president was the only politician who had achieved success in stabilising the situation in the Middle East in the past decades.

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