The Zahony border crossing - Photo: Youtube

Finance minister: Traffic at Hungary-Ukraine border crossings undisturbed

Refugees can enter securely and humanely while aid shipments leave with priority handling at Hungary-Ukraine border crossings, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said on Saturday after a visit to the Zahony border crossing.
13. March 2022 8:11

The minister said that over 200,000 refugees had crossed the border since February 24 and despite the war situation, conditions were calm and well-organised, with the authorities trying to enable arrivals to proceed as humanely and swiftly as possible.

The largest humanitarian action scheme in Hungarian history is under way in which excise officers working at the border also play a major role, he said. Hungary’s customs office introduced a simplified procedure on the first day of the conflict to help refugees enter without delay, he added. With this approach, Hungary is also “showing good example to other countries,” he said.

The customs authorities have given priority to the more than 1,500 aid shipments leaving for Ukraine, without the need for lengthy written administration, Varga said.

The minister reiterated that the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people was the government’s top concern and every effort was made to prevent weapons from crossing the border in either direction. He expressed hope that refugees arriving in Hungary would respect the regulations and report the possession of any weapons they might carry because this way they can prevent sanctions.

The Hungarian government is committed to preventing any weapon transfers from Hungary to Ukraine, he said.

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