Mate Kocsis - Photo: Facebook

Fidesz parliamentary group to support Finland NATO bid, decide about Sweden’s later

The parliamentary group of ruling Fidesz will support the ratification of Finland's NATO accession bid at a vote set in the national assembly for March 27, while it will make a decision in connection with Sweden at a later time, the leader of the group said on Friday.
17. March 2023 17:35

“I am informing you on behalf of the Fidesz group that we have made a decision to support Finland’s NATO accession,” Mate Kocsis said on Facebook. “We will move the relevant vote in parliament to an earlier date, to March 27, and will unanimously support Finland’s bid. As regards Sweden, our group will make a decision later.”

Kocsis in his post reminded “domestic and international players” that the Hungarian parliament was “a sovereign body” beholden only to Hungarian voters.

“We therefore do not accept any kind of pressure exerted either from abroad, or by Hungarian left-wing politicians working on foreign orders, by NGOs, or by any media outlet regarding when, at what pace and what matters parliament should discuss, and on which day it should hold a vote on those,” Kocsis said.

He said the greater the pressure was to have a decision made quickly, the more thorough consideration was required.

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