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Fidesz MEPs: Peace in Ukraine ‘crucial to save lives’

MEPs of Hungary's ruling Fidesz in a statement on Thursday voiced support for peace in Ukraine, and said "a ceasefire and peace talks will lead to saving lives".
16. February 2023 16:36

At the same time, they slammed the European Union’s “further forcing” of energy sanctions, which they said were “ruining Europe’s national economies”.

The MEPs issued their statement before a European Parliamentary vote on a resolution concerning the war in Ukraine, and said the Hungarian government supported “the attacked party” and condemned Russia’s military aggression.

They said, however, that “Brussels’s answer to the war is ill-advised, with everybody seeing the harmful impact of the sanctions”. The sanctions have caused an energy crisis with soaring prices and inflation, they insisted. “It is not right that Europeans should pay for the war,” they said.

“We cannot become apathetic, and let solidarity with Ukraine and its people going through terrible vicissitudes become an empty phrase,” the statement said.

According to the statement, passage of the EP resolution would be a “dead end”, the sanctions included being “fatal” for Europe and not leading to an early peace agreement. Fidesz’s MEPs therefore will stay away from the vote, the statement said.


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