The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEPs: EP trying to interfere in Polish elections

The European Parliament is trying to interfere in the Polish elections by holding a debate and accusing Warsaw of "pitiful lies" only 12 days ahead of the elections, MEPs of ruling Fidesz said on Tuesday.
4. October 2023 5:57

Speaking on the sidelines of a plenary debate on Poland, Gal said it was unacceptable that the EP was openly supporting Donald Tusk, the head of opposition PO, and “his pro-migration friends”.

“Hungarian experiences show that such attemps of interfering will not bring any good results in Poland, either,” she said. “Just like Hungarians, the Poles, too, want to decide for themselves what kind of government and country they have. They do not want interference from Brussels or Strasbourg in this matter,” she added.

The result of the Polish elections is crucial for Hungary, Gal said.

MEP Balazs Hidveghi told an EP debate in Strasbourg, dubbed Corrupt large-scale sale of Schengen visas, that the Polish government was “obviously a thorn in the side” for the “pro-migration”, left-wing political forces in Brussels.

Hidveghi said it was obvious that the purpose of the debate was to interfere in the elections in Poland. The EP has exaggerated the “insignificant issue” concerning visas whereas the authorities had already dealt with it, he added.

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