The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP: Terrorist organisations shouldn’t access EU funds

Terrorist organisations cannot be allowed even indirect access to EU funds that they could use to attack Israel, an MEP of ruling Fidesz said in Brussels on Tuesday.
11. October 2023 5:46

The delegation of ruling Fidesz condemns terrorism and recognises Israel’s right to self-defence, delegation head King Gal said.

Gal agreed with the statement of Oliver Varhelyi, the EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, who said on Monday that terror and brutality were a “turning point that warranted a review of EU funding for the Palestine territories”.

Besides, the EU has a responsibility of preventing an escalation of the conflict, she said.

“The EU must do everything to prevent an escalation and the spreading of the conflict beyond the border of Israel and Palestine,” she said.

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