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Fidesz MEP slams EU ‘double standards’ on Poland

Balazs Hidveghi, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, on Tuesday slammed Brussels for applying "double standards" and remaining silent in the face of "blatant violations of the rule of law in Poland".
16. January 2024 16:27

Hidveghi insisted the recently elected Polish government headed by former European Council President Donald Tusk had launched a political revenge campaign against its opponents. “It’s trampling down on the principle of the rule of law of democracy. It’s attacking independent organisations like the media or the courts and there is not even a question raised in this house about that,” Hidveghi said in a video of his speech in the EP posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

Donald Tusk’s government is not threatened with an Article 7 procedure, Hidveghi said. “This is a textbook example of the double standards on the rule of law,” Hidveghi said, calling for respect for the rule of law. “When your friend breaks the rules, you need to raise your voice, just as much as when you think somebody else does it.”

Hidveghi wrote in the post of the video: “The Tusk government has demolished the Polish rule of law in a matter of weeks. And yet, no procedures from Brussels. Just because it’s a pal of theirs doing it. In times of the earlier right-wing government, a baseless accusation was enough…”

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