Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP: Protection of external borders EU interest

The European Union has a vested security interest in the effective protection of its external borders, even by erecting border fences, Kinga Gal, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said on Wednesday.
1. February 2023 19:11

Speaking to Hungarian journalists ahead of a plenary EP debate on illegal migration, Gal said migration pressure was increasing on the borders. She called for action against what she said were “increasingly intense and aggressive” entry attempts.

Gal said that independent measures in member states showed that the EU’s approach “doesn’t work and is out of touch with reality and the expectations of member states and EU citizens.”

Rather than managing illegal migration in line with EU policy, it should be stopped, she said. Illegal entrants must be returned to their country of origin based on treaties with the respective countries. All countries have the right to decide who they want to allow into their territories, she said. Redistribution of migrants among member states and aid to rescue ships on maritime routes further encourage illegal migrants as well as human smugglers, she said.

The plenary debate is held ahead of a summit on the issue, planned for next week.

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