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Fidesz MEP: Patriots for Europe aims to bring common sense back into EU politics

The new Patriots for Europe EP group will aim to bring common sense back into European politics, Kinga Gal, an MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz and the group's first vice-president, said in an interview in daily Magyar Nemzet's Wednesday edition.
10. July 2024 21:05

Gal said the group’s most pressing objective was to prevent the enforcement of political pacts “made by the unprincipled Brussels mainstream”.

Patriots for Europe will keep the fight against illegal migration and the protection of the EU’s external borders on the agenda, she said. The MEP also underscored the need to take specific steps to get the European Green Deal back to being “grounded in reality” lest it should “ruin the security of European agriculture and the competitiveness of European farmers”.

Gal said there were “considerable efforts under way” to undermine the national sovereignty of member states, and therefore everything possible had to be done in the interest of “pushing back against these centralist, federalist trends” and enforcing policies that respect member state competencies.

“But what’s most important is to take steps towards making peace,” she added.

Gal said Patriots for Europe wanted to offer a European alternative and aimed to preserve traditions, “our Christianity, our language, our landscapes and our history” for future generations.

She said that as the group’s first vice-president her job would be to keep the group together, map out its political directions and fill in for the group leader in his absence.

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