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Fidesz MEP: Hungary condemned Russian aggression from the start

Hungary condemned Russia's military aggression against Ukraine from the start, Fidesz MEP Kinga Gal said in a statement on Wednesday, saying the country had always abided by international law and supported investigations into violence, human rights violations, and war crimes, "which must not go unpunished".
19. April 2023 13:48

Referring to the debate on the investigation of war crimes in the EU parliamentary plenary, Gal accused “representatives of the dollar left, Marton Gyongyosi of Jobbik and Katalin Cseh of Momentum” of slandering the Hungarian people in the parliament instead on focusing on the issue at hand. She called this “unacceptable, especially in connection with such a … weighty debate”.

Meanwhile, she said Hungary’s government recognised Ukraine’s right to defend itself and was providing massive humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Transcarpathia.

She said “saving lives, reducing suffering and stopping the destruction” could only be guaranteed by forging a peace agreement.

Gal said that during the plenary debate she had been the only one to have raised the importance of a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

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