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Fidesz MEP: EP ‘has no right to interfere’ with Italy LGBTI legislation

European Union member states have the right to base family policy on Judeo-Christian values, "and the European Parliament or any other EU institutions have no right to pass judgement or interfere" in the decision, an MEP of ruling Fidesz told the EP's plenary session on Wednesday.
30. March 2023 11:47

At the session dedicated to Italy’s decision to ban local authorities’ practice to register as parents both members of same-sex couples raising children together, Helena Dalli, the Commissioner for Equality, said the children of same-sex couples had the same rights as any other children, and called on member states to respect and protect those rights.

Dalli said that while member states have the right to accept or reject the concept of same-sex parents, EU legislation may impact their decisions on particular issues. Thus, a proposal adopted in last December may compel member states to recognise both parents if they had been registered as such in another member state, she said.

Fidesz MEP Erno Schaller-Boros said the democratically elected Italian government has the sovereign right to decide on the matter. Family law is rooted in the nation’s history, culture and values. The field is under the exclusive competency of the member states, he said.

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