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Fidesz MEP condemns ‘profiteering’ from Bratislava slaying

Hungary's ruling Fidesz firmly condemns the recent murders in Bratislava, Balazs Hidveghi, an MEP of the party, said on Thursday, and expressed sympathy with the families of the two victims shot dead in front of a gay bar.
20. October 2022 16:30

“Any violence based on sexual orientation must be condemned,” Hidveghi said on the sidelines of a vote in the European Parliament.

He added, however, that his party would not “accept the EP practice of cynically profiteering from a tragic incident and proposing extreme decrees violating the EU treaties”.

He insisted the proposed decree contained “unfounded and unacceptable declarations” concerning Slovak politicians and the church, that it would “interfere with Slovakia’s constitutional rules” and would “in fact stigmatise the whole of Slovak society”.

Fidesz will “not support leftist ideological proclamations”, he added.

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