Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz MEP calls for change in Brussels’ ‘self-destructive’ sanctions policy

Brussels' policy of sanctions is "ill-advised and self-destructive", Tamas Deutsch, the head of ruling Fidesz's EP delegation, said on Wednesday, calling for the sanctions to be scrapped.
4. January 2023 18:04

Fidesz’s European parliamentary group will continue to support changing Brussels’ “ill-advised and self-destructive” sanctions policy, Deutsch said in a statement.

Those outside Europe who support Brussels’ sanctions policy consider the economic crisis about to hit EU member states along with soaring energy prices and inflation to be “collateral damage”, the MEP said. “It is time for Europe to finally represent its own interests so that the Brussels bureaucracy too will admit that the sanctions policy is ill-advised,” he said. “It causes greater economic damage to Europe’s national economies than to those it is targeting.”

“Our most important task is to have our voices heard as the sober-minded minority in the European Parliament that supports ending the sanctions,” Deutsch said.

Hungary’s government fulfilled its commitments, reaching an agreement with Brussels after a successful series of talks and clearing all legal and political obstacles to gaining access to EU funds, Deutsch said. He added, at the same time, that Brussels could be expected to throw more obstacles in Hungary’s way of gaining access to the monies.

Concerning the corruption scandal in the European Parliament, Deutsch called for eliminating “the corruption machine” in Brussels. He said most MEPs implicated in the scandal belonged to the Socialist group.

Deutsch said there was “no way” that the “Brussels bureaucracy” would change the system that was “politically useful to them”. “Only we, European voters can change this system in 2024,” he added, making reference to the EP elections.

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