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Farmers’ chamber head: Chambers of V4, Latvia and Lithuania to hold joint demonstration on Thursday

The agricultural chambers of the four Visegrad Group countries will organise a demonstration together with their Latvian and Lithuanian peers on Feb 22 to call the public's attention to their situation caused in large part by the unrestricted inflow of Ukrainian grain and food products, the head of the National Agricultural Chamber (NAK) said on Monday.
19. February 2024 17:05

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has gone nowhere over the past years and European farmers have been labelled “climate criminals”, with the term officially codified in community law, Balazs Gyorffy told public news channel M1. He called the European Green Deal, a set of policy initiatives proposed by the European Commission, “an unprofessional and unfounded diktat”, adding that “in light of the recent farmer demonstrations, decision-makers are now backpedaling” which Gyorffy said he believed “could be because of the upcoming EP elections”.

“The unlimited inflow of grain and food products, mainly poultry, egg and honey, from Ukraine makes the situation worse by creating uneven competition for European farmers and consumers also because they are not subject to strict EU regulations,” said Gyorffy.

Speaking to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, Gyorffy said “farmers across Europe are in an uproar and have lost their patience”. “What we can see is that the elite in Brussels absolutely ignores our opinion and does not listen to our problems”.

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