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European public against sending soldiers abroad, says Szazadveg

Some 59 percent of European Union citizens said they would be willing to fight for their country at home, 27 percent said they would also be willing to fight beyond the borders, but 69 percent said they were against the participation of their soldiers in Ukraine, pollster Szazadveg said on Wednesday citing a survey dubbed Europe Project.
15. May 2024 16:01

A total of 27 percent of European citizens said they would not fight for their country even within home borders and 54 percent said they were against fighting for their country abroad.

The highest willingness to protect the country at home was registered among Lithuanians (74 percent) and among Estonians and Hungarians (70 percent each), the statement said.

The percentage of people willing to fight for their country beyond home borders was under 50 percent in all the countries surveyed, and only in Lithuania the ratio of supporters (46 percent) was higher than the percentage of those against (28 percent).

Only 23 percent of Germans said they would be willing to fight for their country beyond home borders, and 60 percent was against.

The highest rejection of fighting for their country beyond the home borders was registered among Hungarians (75 percent) and among Austrians and Belgians (66 percent).

Only 25 percent of the Europeans surveyed said they were not against sending soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

The ratio of those who support sending soldiers to Ukraine was not higher then the proportion of those that oppose this in any EU state, with Hungarians (91 percent) and Bulgarians (86 percent) being most against supporting Kyiv by sending soldiers.

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