Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

EU summit – Orbán: ‘We won’t let Hungary be plunged into war’

"We have issued a joint condemnation of Russia's military action against Ukraine and decided on uniform sanctions", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after the emergency EU summit in Brussels on Friday.
25. February 2022 9:23

In a statement posted on Facebook after the summit at which the Russian aggression against Ukraine was discussed, the prime minister added: “I made clear we’ll stand up for Hungary’s national interests and won’t let anyone plunge Hungary into this war.”

EU leaders at the summit agreed that war “cannot not be the answer” in any conflict situation.

Orban stressed that the uniform sanctions agreed left out energy, so the energy supply of Hungary and the other EU member states “is guaranteed”.

He said a decision had been reached to spend more money on the security of the countries on Ukraine’s western flank, including Hungary. Orban added that the funding would be spent on protecting the country’s eastern border.

The prime minister said summit leaders agreed on the importance of “responsible” action, adding that and “hasty and irresponsible statements” could jeapordize the security of the people of Europe.

Orban noted that talks were continuing in the forum of NATO.

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