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EU launches maritime mission against Houthi rebels

Hungary has been urging decisive action to restore free and safe navigation in the Red Sea, and now the European Union has decided to launch a maritime mission to suppress Houthi rebels in Yemen in order to protect cargo ships, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said in Brussels on Monday.
20. February 2024 6:19

The minister told a press conference after a meeting of the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council that it was essential that Operation Shield mounted by Greece, Italy and France should coordinate as closely as possible with the US and the UK with the goal of eliminating disruptions in the supply chain.

The budget for the first year has been set at eight million euros, he noted, adding that this sum would not be sufficient.

“That’s why I proposed supplementing the European Union maritime mission by allocating funding from the European Peace Framework to strengthen the Yemeni coast guard,” he said.

Also, Houthis should be classed as a terrorist organisation, he said, adding that they were clearly committing acts of terrorism and harming European security.

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