Vera Jourova – Photo: wikimedia

EU commissioner: If situation in Hungary worsens, EC could block funds again

If the situation regarding the rule of law worsens in Hungary, the European Commission could block funds to the country again, European Commissioner for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova said in Brussels on Monday, adding that "this is a dynamic process".
29. January 2024 17:58

“Blockage of money always comes when the country does not fulfil something,” Jourova said, arriving at a meeting of the General Affairs Council. “And in the case of Hungary, it was the lack of certainty that the corruption and fraud has been prosecuted sufficiently. So, once Hungary started to reform the justice system, we started to release the money.”

The Financial Times on Monday said that under a confidential plan drawn up by Brussels, if EU leaders failed to reach an agreement on a 50 billion euro aid package to Ukraine at this week’s special summit, EU member states would publicly declare that “they cannot imagine” that Hungary would receive the funds it is owed.

Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib told reporters in Brussels that the aim of the current Belgian presidency was to reach an agreement on aid for Ukraine at this week’s summit.

“We will see the alternative after the summit,” she said. “It’s better to wait and to try our best, to work hard to reach an agreement first . it’s the same draft that was on the table before, in December,” she added.

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