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EU affairs official: ‘Brussels has no intention of protecting EU borders against illegal migrants’

Brussels has no intention of protecting Europe's borders against illegal migrants, the EU affairs state secretary said on Wednesday, calling a recent remark by the head of European border agency Frontex "disappointing".
24. January 2024 16:04

Barna Pal Zsigmond called it “absurd” that the head of Frontex, the agency in charge of shielding Europe against mass migration, stated in a recent interview in German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag that “nothing can stop people from crossing a border, no wall, no fence, no sea, no river”.

“It is rather saddening that the Frontex chief considers the agency he leads overall unfit to fulfil its duty of protecting Europe’s borders,” the state secretary said on Facebook.

He said if Brussels should finally stop insisting on its pro-immigration policy, “illegal migrants would not be able to cross the borders either through the wall or fence, or on sea or river.”

Zsigmond said “Brussels’ current leaders and the left wing are committed to executing the Soros plan”, adding that it became clear from their recent statements that Hungary’s immigration policy was one of the main reasons of “the political attacks” against the country.

“Hungary has a consistent immigration policy which works, Hungary has not let itself be turned into an immigrant country,” he said.

“We have built a fence, we keep protecting our borders … and we reject the EU’s policy promoting migration,” the state secretary said, adding that the Hungarian government would continue to insist on its sovereignty and the protection of its borders.

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