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‘End to wave of refugees, sanctions, fighting most important’, PM says

It would be most important for Hungarians and the whole of Europe to have an end to the wave of refugees, the sanctions and the fighting in a neighbouring country, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video on Tuesday.
18. October 2023 6:53

Orbán, who travelled to Beijing on Sunday, said he had met Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier in the day to discuss bilateral economic ties and held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the afternoon.

He said in Europe everybody was asking the same question whether there was going to be a ceasefire in Ukraine.

“For us, Hungarians and for the whole of Europe, it would be most important that the flow of refugees, the sanctions and the fighting should end in the neighbouring country,” Orbán said.

The answer received from the Russian president was “the least assuring”, he said, adding that Hungary had to plan its steps accordingly in the coming months.

“This is why it is important for us, Hungarians to maintain Hungarian-Russian cooperation in energy and in other eonomic areas,” the prime minister said.

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