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Over 3,700 refugees arrive in Budapest on Saturday

Employers of Ukraine refugees to get support

The government will provide support to employers giving jobs to Ukraine refugees and providing them with long-term shelter and transport opportunities, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Sunday.
13. March 2022 17:53

Szijjarto said on Facebook that employers meeting the above conditions will get a monthly 60,000 forints (EUR 160) after each Ukrainian refugee they employ and an additional 12,000 forints after each of their children.

The minister said additional waves of migrants should be expected in the upcoming period.

“We Hungarians are fully prepared to receive even an increasing number of refugees,” he said.

Work opportunities will be offered to those that plan to stay in Hungary for a lengthy period “because in Hungary we are building a work-based society, which has been a clearly successful undertaking”. Refugees staying in the long term also have a vested interest in having work instead of living from benefits, he added.

This serves the interests of refugees, Hungarians and Hungarian companies alike, Szijjarto said.

Over 3,700 refugees arrive in Budapest on Saturday

Altogether 3,730 refugees from war-torn Ukraine, including 1,247 children, arrived in Budapest by train on Saturday, local police said on their website.

Most of them sought accommodation with family or friends, while the authorities and charity organisations offered shelter to 135 people, including 80 children, said on Sunday.

Police officers are on duty at Budapest’s Keleti and Nyugati railway stations to help people fleeing from Ukraine. They are working in cooperation with the disaster management authority, the immigration office, the national railway MAV, Budapest’s public transport company and charity organisations, said.

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