The European Commission's building in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Domotor: EC wants to abolish the right of veto

The European Commission wants to abolish the right of veto, and instead of a full consensus, require only qualified majority voting, a state secretary of the prime minister's office said on Thursday.
21. March 2024 17:42

Csaba Domotor said on Facebook that the proposal had not received much attention despite having great significance.

Certain areas have been earmarked for its application, including tax policy, social policy and foreign policy, he added.

“This is a grave proposal because it means that a decision could be made in Brussels setting corporate tax at above 9 percent … and they could even decide in Brussels what our position should be regarding the matter of the war,” he said.

A similar procedure was applied in the case of migrant settlement quotas, “and we protested in vain; they approved them in the end”.

Domotor said attempts were being made to gradually take away powers from member countries, adding that this could be described as “concealed legislation”. The current proposal goes even further and wants to take away decision-making rights in several areas, he added.


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