Defence official addresses NATO multinational medical exercise

Defence state secretary Tamas Vargha addressed the open day at the Vigorous Warrior (VW24) Clean Care (CC24) Multinational Medical Exercise series organised by NATO on Wednesday.
8. May 2024 16:37

“War is not only about destruction but also about life,” he said at the parade ground in Bakonykut, in western Hungary, adding the participation of 1,400 soldiers from 35 countries showed that “we are strong and stronger together”.

He also said that the exercise organised by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine showed that soldiers were also able to save lives and heal the wounded.

A Role 2 military hospital of the Hungarian army is capable of saving the lives of 95 percent of soldiers, he added.

In his address delivered in English, Vargha said that even in the current era of crises and wars, it was reassuring to see how many nations and partner organisations had responded to the call of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine.

He said Hungary was a dedicated member of NATO and was fully committed to restoring and maintaining peace in Europe.

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