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Defence ministry says Russian missiles did not breach Hungary’s airspace

Russian cruise missiles have not violated Hungary's airspace, the defence ministry said on Friday evening.
11. February 2023 5:29

The ministry issued a statement in reaction to press reports that earlier in the day, the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet launched long-range missiles, two of which targeted Ukraine’s western regions as part of a large-scale operation.

“Hungary continues to support peace; lives can only be saved through peace which is why Hungary urges the sides involved to settle their conflict through negotiations,” the ministry said in a statement.

Hungary maintains its position of not supplying military hardware or arms to Ukraine, and neither will it allow the transit of weapons deliveries through its territory into Ukraine, the ministry said.

“At the same time, our country is providing to Ukraine its largest ever humanitarian support,” the statement said. “This war is causing the senseless deaths of thousands of people, which Hungary does not support.”

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