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CPAC – Wilders: Bravery precondition of victory, Viktor Orbán a brave leader

Bravery is a precondition of victory, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a very brave leader who proudly stands up for his country and protects Hungarians from illegal immigration, which is "really necessary", Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), said at the CPAC Hungary conference on Friday.
26. April 2024 18:45

The Freedom Party doubled their parliamentary seats in November last year, becoming the largest party in the Netherlands, Wilders noted, adding that the key to PVV’s success was in its courage to speak out against the policy of open borders and wokeism.

CPAC is needed more than ever before as new and serious threats have emerged, the Dutch politician said.

He said one of the major threats was the woke movement, whose essence was that everything is relative, everything is inter-changeable, and “that is the message of the leftist elite”. The left, Wilders said, had “sold so many countries out”, restricted the freedom of individuals, destroyed their economies and opened their borders to mass migration.

He said another, external, threat was of a demographic nature. Africa’s population will quadruple by the end of the century, and one-third of its people were preparing to move to Europe, he said. There is an enormous migration crisis, with many European nations struggling with illegal immigrants, Wilders said.

The PVV leader noted that in 2004 Islamist fanatics had put him on a death list because “I dared to criticise Islam”. But this had not discouraged him, he said, adding that “our freedom of speech is sacred and we will never ever compromise on the truth, ever”.

There are no illegal migrants and “no-go” zones in Budapest, he said, adding that by opening [the EU’s] borders, the leadership of former German chancellor Angela Merkel had put European Christian civilisation at risk.

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