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CPAC – Trump: Hungarians fighting to save Western civilisation

Former US President Donald Trump praised Hungarians' efforts to protect Western civilisation, freedom, the family and Judeo-Christian culture in a video message for the Conservative Political Action Conference Hungary (CPAC Hungary) in Budapest on Friday.
26. April 2024 18:57

“I am honoured to address so many patriots in Hungary who are proudly fighting on the frontlines of the battle to rescue Western civilisation. Together we are engaged in an epic struggle to liberate our nations from all the sinister forces who want to destroy them,” Trump said.

Trump said he had been “proud” to work with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as president, to protect the values and interests of Hungarians and Americans.

“We cracked down on illegal immigration, protected our borders, created jobs and defended our traditions and Judeo-Christian values,” he said.

He said he was looking forward to working with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán again, as the next US president.

“As long as we remain united in our vision, true to our principles, and fearless about defending our values, conservatives will win the battle to save our civilisation from the communists, marxists and fascists, and restore the reign of conservatism and common sense to the world,” Trump said.

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