Hungarian troops near the Ukrainian border - Photo: MTI

CPAC – Szantho calls for immediate ceasefire ‘at brink’ of third world war

There is a need for ceasefire and peace, and the leaders best suited to achieve it are Donald Trump and Viktor Orban, Miklos Szantho, the head of Hungary's Center for Fundamental Rights, said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC, on Friday evening.
25. February 2024 8:21

Szantho warned of the unprecedented dangers “the cult of woke” presented to life today.

“The cult of woke …. are a clear and present danger to our way of life and even our security,” Szantho said. “Woke is just a new form of communism,” he said, adding that “it is a civilisational threat, too.”

“Mass illegal migration waters down the political power of those voters who still remember what the American dream and European prosperity once were. And with its gender ideology, the new left … targets children … undermines the family which is the cornerstone of our societies,” he said.

Szantho said “gender ideology, cancel culture, rejection of the divine and illegal mass migration are insidious, but slow acting poisons that seek to paralyse the nation and the body politic”.

He said Hungary was “a pain in the liberals’ neck because we stand firm on God, homeland and the family, and we do not allow George Soros to interfere in our domestic issues by giving millions to his liberal comrades”, and repeated the slogan of the Hungarian right wing: “No migration! No gender! No war!”

Szantho called for stopping the wokeists and setting up the global network of anti-globalist forces, which he said CPAC would also pursue at its next event in Budapest in April.

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