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CPAC – International speakers address issues of gender, sovereignty, wokeism

International speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest (CPAC Hungary) on Friday talked about the issues of gender ideology, the sovereignty of nation states, the exploitation of children and wokeism.
27. April 2024 7:41

Former Republican senator Rick Santorum said there was an “existential battle” going on in Europe between “sovereign countries like Hungary” and “neomarxists”, adding that the United States was facing similar problems.

“Authoritarians, if left unchecked, will topple Western civilisation,” he warned, adding that social media, large corporations and even certain churches were working to turn societies into masses.

He said the US had become “so dominant, so successful militarily, economically” that Americans had forgotten God and had started leaving their social groups and churches behind while the left had organised.

Concerning Hungary, the former senator said that though he did not agree with all of the Hungarian government’s economic and security policy decisions, they agreed on the most important issues.

Santorum said Hungary gave him cause for optimism that conservatives could protect children in their faith in God.

Patryk Jaki, MEP of Poland’s Suwerenna Polska, said the European Union’s founding treaty made it clear that the bloc was not a state, and that its competences were assigned to it by member states.

But in spite of this, he said, the EU often took over powers that were not delegated to it by member states. He said that under the recently adopted migration pact, member states would be obligated to take in migrants or pay a fine.

Jaki also warned of the EU’s plans for tax harmonisation, which he said would be the end of central Europe’s competitiveness.

Actor and producer Eduardo Verastegui, founder of CPAC Mexico, said God, family and the country were the most important values underpinning traditional society.

He called attention to the problem of the sexual exploitation of children, saying it was the second most profitable illegal activity after drug trafficking.

Republican House Representative Keith Self of Texas said there was a global movement unfolding that was becoming “a splinter under the fingernail” of globalists. He said liberty-loving people should spread this movement through peaceful but forceful resistance.

Mark Ivanyo, executive director of the Republicans for National Renewal, spoke first about the issue of illegal immigration to Texas and expressed later his opinion that US Democrats “in a last minute change” would withdraw the nomination of incumbent president Joe Biden.

Diego Morales, Secretary of State of Indiana, called for the protection of borders by erecting walls and the authorisation of only legal immigration. In connection with the US elections, he called for ensuring transparency of the voting procedure.

Chad Wolf, Executive Director of the America First Policy Institute, branded Donald Trumps’ presidency a “golden age” that had seen one of the largest economic growth rates in US history as a result of global peace, the strengthening of the middle class in society and improving economic conditions of people. He said that the United States was facing an election that would have a decisive impact on the future of America and the world.

Maryland Republican House Representative Andy Harris, who is of Hungarian descent, told the conference that the Biden administration was opening the borders to masses of illegal immigrants without seeking out public opinion. Many of those entering the country, he said, were criminals, adding that they should be expelled from the US, but in many instances this was not being done.

Harris said another major problem was that the US government was allowing woke ideology to infiltrate almost every area of life. This was how it was possible for abortion to be performed at any point during the pregnancy, and that even universities like Columbia and Yale were “bowing” to wokeism, he said. This, he added, was causing a rise in anti-Semitism and support for Hamas on university campuses.

He also highlighted the threat of gender ideology, saying that as a doctor, he knew that gender reassignment was impossible.

Jose Antonio Kast, former leader of Chile’s Republican Party, said his country today was led by a progressive government and “a woke president” who had pushed a thriving nation, Chile, into poverty in two years. He said that only brave, committed and strong-minded leaders with a vision were able to achieve results.

Agustin Romo, the campaign advisor to Argentinian president Javier Milei, said Western powers today were governed by leaders who did not support freedom. Milei, he said, had challenged as a presidential candidate the political elite while he had also made the public aware that their country had turned into a criminal organisation. Milei’s government protects workers as against those who only fear to lose their privileges, he said. Romo said that with the truth on their side, even a small group of people could stand up to the political elite.

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