Shea Bradley-Farrell (r) - Photo: MTI

Counterpoint Institute head: Biden government ‘not serving interests of US’

Shea Bradley-Farrell, the president of Counterpoint Institute, on Tuesday told a conference in Budapest that the Biden government's actions in connection with the Russia-Ukraine war were not serving the interests of the United States.
22. February 2023 6:01

At the conference titled “Of Hungary: The last bastion of freedom in Europe”, the foreign policy and national security expert said she believed in Ukraine’s sovereignty, but would not think that it was in the US’s interest to allow an escalation of the war.

She praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for “boosting national sovereignty” and Hungary for keeping its independence and standing up for its interests. “Hungarians insist on keeping their sovereignty and their identity,” she said.

Bradley-Farrell praised Orbán’s call to “play according to our own rules”. In the US, the “faith in God and the family are under attack”, and the country has lost its social balance, she said.

She said that while patriotism was often conflated with authoritarianism, it was important for both Hungary and Europe.

A conservative US government “would be able to change the course of the Russia-Ukraine war,” she said.

Miklos Szantho, the director of the event-host Centre for Fundamental Rights, said Bradley-Farrell was the first foreign guest researcher, at work on a book on Hungarian politics for US readers.

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