Alexander Soros - Photo: Facebook

Christian Democrats: ‘Soros playing anti-Semitism card yet again’

The co-ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) said on Thursday that the Soros-led Open Society Foundations "is again playing the anti-Semitism card" against the Hungarian government in connection with its current poster campaign.
23. November 2023 18:18

In connection with the ongoing National Consultation public survey billboards and posters displayed in public places showing images of Alex Soros and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, KDNP said in a statement: “As ever, when it comes to Hungary’s sovereignty and the National Consultation … Brussels unelected bureaucrats and the Soros organisations controlling them cry anti-Semitism and accuse Hungary of xenophobia.”

“It’s the left’s well-known trick: accuse your opponent of doing what in fact you yourself are doing,” it added.

The party insisted that radical left-wing organisations supported by Soros and his foundations were behind demonstrations “sweeping through western European capitals which often openly celebrate the Hamas terrorist organisation”.

The Hungarian government has maintained zero tolerance of anti-Semitism and xenophobia since coming to power in 2010, the statement said, adding that Hungary was “one of Europe’s safest countries … in the world for Jews”.

“We reject the left’s accusation of anti-Semitism,” it said, insisting that left-wingers themselves were “landlords of anti-Semitism”.

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