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Boka: Ukraine’s EU aspirations ‘not subject to proper discussion’

In the European Union, "there are no deep discussions" regarding Ukraine's aspiration to join the bloc, Janos Boka, the minister for EU affairs, said in a video posted to Facebook on Friday.
13. October 2023 13:51

In the video of part of an interview he gave to commercial broadcaster ATV, he said “simple questions” such as what were the advantages and disadvantages based on a cost-benefit analysis and “our interests”, and on what terms and what the effects would be, were not subject to proper discussion.

Boka said the government did not see how integrating a country “that is currently at war with a nuclear power and 20 percent of whose territory is occupied by this nuclear power” would enhance EU security.

It was also unclear whether Ukraine’s accession would serve the interests of Hungarian farmers when subsidies linked to land size may be reduced by “20 percent at the very least”.

Also, a large part of western Hungary may be barred from areas entitled to cohesion support if Ukraine joined the bloc, he added.

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