Azbej: Hungary providing humanitarian aid to Armenia

The Hungarian government is providing 40 million forints (EUR 102,000) worth of humanitarian aid to the Armenian Red Cross, the foreign ministry's state secretary for helping persecuted Christians said on Thursday.
28. September 2023 18:20

The aid will be extended at the request of the Armenian Apostolic Church after consultations prompted by developments in Nagorno-Karabakh, Tristan Azbej said on social media.

As a result of escalation of an armed conflict over the past weeks and a fatal explosion in a fuel depot in Stepanakert, several tens of thousands of ethnic Armenians left their homes and moved to settle in Armenia, he noted.

“The Hungarian aid is aimed at contributing to the stability of the region by helping civilians affected by the conflict and the blast at the fuel depot,” said Azbej.

As regards the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, he said the government saw peace in the region as the only viable solution.

Azbej noted that the government’s Hungary Helps scheme over the years has aided several Armenian Christian communities hit by a war in Iraq and Libya and by an economic crisis in Lebanon. It also paved the way for Hungary to resume its diplomatic relations with Armenia in 2022.

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